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The Clerks Department is responsible for the following licences (with more details below):
Marriage Licences
Lottery Licences
Taxi Driver / Owner Licences - 2014 List of Licensed Taxi Companies
Refreshment Vehicles
Itinerant Vendors (previously Hawkers & Peddlers)

Hours Issued - 8:30 a.m to 4:00 p.m. (Monday to Friday)
License fee - $125.00 by cash, cheque or debit

The application forms for marriage licenses can be obtained in the Municipal Clerk's Department (905) 372-4301 at
Victoria Hall, 55 King Street West, Cobourg and we have provided a complete package of information below.

The Complete Marriage Information Packaged includes:

Page 1 -- Cobourg Civil Marriage Ceremony Information
Page 4 -- Cobourg Marriage Licence Requirements
                  (Hours, Fees, Identification and Divorce documents required)
Page 5 -- Ontario Marriage Licence Requirements
Page 6 -- Service Ontario info on Officiators
Page 7 -- Marriage Licence Application Form

For people who were divorced outside of Canada, please click on the link below for information/requirements.

Foreign Divorce Requirements


Applications for Bingo, Nevada, Raffle and Bazaars can be obtained from the Municipal Clerk's Office - Town of Cobourg, 55 King Street West, Cobourg, ON K9A 2M2. For information on eligibility, licensing fees, legal requirements, reporting requirements, etc., please call the Lottery Licensing Officer for the Town of Cobourg at (905) 372-4301.

Click here for lottery forms and information from the AGCO.


Taxi Cab Drivers and Owners BY-LAW 014-2014 PDF
Taxicabs are any motor vehicle seating seven passengers or less, used for hire to transport the general public. Owners are required under By-law Number 014-2014, as amended to renew the licence for each taxicab annually submitting proof of insurance, a letter of vehicle certification and the fee of $125.00 for each car. Drivers of taxicabs are licensed annually, as well and the fee required is $40.00 per driver. Taxi fares are regulated by the Cobourg Municipal Council and amended from time to time.

Taxi Driver's Licence Application Form
Taxi Owner's Licence Application Form


Refreshment Vehicle Licensing BY-LAW 086-2009
Refreshment Vehicles are any vehicle from which refreshments are sold for consumption by the public.

In order to obtain a Refreshment Vehicle Licence, the applicant must complete a Town of Cobourg Refreshment Vehicle Licence Application form and obtain certain letters of approval (see the Town of Cobourg Refreshment Vehicle Licence Information form for details).

Refreshment Vehicle Licence Information Form / Application Form / By-law No. 086-2009

The license fee is $500.00 annually.

ITINERANT VENDOR LICENCE (formerly Hawkers and Peddlers)

Itinerant Vendor By-law No. 032-2012

Itinerant Vendor Application Form

Itinerant Vendors includes persons who go from place to place or to a particular place for a temporary period with goods, wares or merchandise for sale. This activity is regulated by By-law Number 032-2012.

The license fee is $500.00 annually.

Copies of the above noted by-laws are available in the
Municipal Clerk's Office.


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