Cobourg was founded in 1798. In the 1850's, Cobourg was the fifth largest centre in the provice with a population well over 5,000. By 1900 Cobourg was the most popular summer resort in Canada. Cobourg's history has resulted in Cobourg having a legacy of a great number of heritage resources. These buildings provide a history of where our founding families lived and the activities that occurred in Cobourg. These properties also provide an architectural record of the past. Many of these properties are designated or listed on the Town of Cobourg Heritage Register (the Ontario Heritage Act requires that municipalities maintain a current register of properties of architectural, historical, archaeological or contextual interest). As of January 1, 2010, this listing contains over 760 properties.

The role of Heritage Planning Staff is to assist in the documentation and protection of heritage resources and help guide change to these properties through the heritage permit process . Heritage Planning Staff also has the ability to approve heritage permits if the proposed alteration meets heritage requirements. The Cobourg Heritage Committee, an advisory committee to Council, also contributes to heritage conservation in Cobourg by reviewing larger heritage permit applications and providing general advice on matters related to heritage conservation.

The community of Cobourg takes pride in its heritage. Find out whom our numerous community partners are that work tirelessly to promote and preserve this invaluable resource.

Read the frequently asked questions about heritage.

Search the Heritage Register for heritage-designated buildings in Cobourg.

We preserve heritage to:

  • enhance our quality of life and sense of history, community and identity
  • improve our economic health by employing local craftspeople and tradespeople related to conservation
  • provide a truly unique community with historical resources that can be
  • marketed to improve economic development and tourism
  • add diversity and character to new development
  • contribute to sustainability by reducing landfill waste, and lessening the demand for energy and resources needed for new construction

Victoria Hall - National Historic Site
Commemorative Integrity Statement
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