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Application Form: Committee/Local Board

Application Form: Cobourg Public Library Board 

Cobourg Public Library - General Information 


Joint Animal Control Service Board
Kate Surerus, Hamilton Township, Secretary (905) 342-2810
(2016 Meeting Schedule)

Accessibility Advisory Committee 
Desta McAdam, Secretary (905) 372- 4555
Email: dmcadam@cobourg.ca

Active Transportation Advisory CommitteeActive Transportation Advisory Committee
Renee Champagne, Secretary (905) 372- 4555
Email: rchampagne@cobourg.ca

Committee of Adjustment 
Kara Euale, Secretary (905) 372-1005
Email: keuale@cobourg.ca

Committee for Art in Public Spaces
Renee Champagne, Secretary (905) 372-4555
Email: rchampagne@cobourg.ca

Economic Development Advisory Committee
Julie Savard, Secretary (905) 372-5481
Email: jsavard@cobourg.ca

Environmental Advisory Committee 
Renee Champagne (905) 372-4555
Email: rchampagne@cobourg.ca

Cobourg Heritage Committee (formerly LACAC)
Kara Euale, Secretary (905) 372-1005
Email: keuale@cobourg.ca 

Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee
Allison Massey, Secretary (905) 372-7371
Email: amassey@cobourg.ca

Planning Advisory Committee
Kara Euale, Secretary (905) 372-1005
Email: keuale@cobourg.ca

Police Services Board 
Faye Knox, Secretary (905) 372-1971
Email: cpsb@cobourg.ca

Public Library Board 
Tammy Robinson  (905) 372-9271
Email: trobinson@cobourg.library.ca 

Seniors Advisory Committee
Krista Williams, Secretary (905) 372-7371
Email: kwilliams@cobourg.ca

Waterfront Advisory Committee
Lisa Chamberlain, Secretary (905) 372-4301
Email: lchamberlain@cobourg.ca